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Atlanta Georgia Affiliates

Coaches / trainers / professionals that support the program

Mykal Steen

Money management  

  • BA in Phycology and Masters in business management
  • Will provide money management and financial literacy practices for BOAC athletes

Victoria Hagler

Real Estate Agent

Terry Hagler


  • 20 plus years with the U.S. Postal office and Post Master 
  • 20 plus years of official referee certification
  • 20 plus years of youth coaching experience

Aaron J Ross Sr.

NFL Player

  • NFL Defensive Back 9 years
  • Will provide professional business and athletic mentorship to athletes

Chux Nwabuko II

Speed Endurance and Agility Coach (Core Speed Elite)

  • 11 years of youth training experience & trained over 5 professional NFL players
  • Improve athletes strength, speed agility, endurance and mental toughness.

Coach Name

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