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Hi, were the Ross’s and were excited to grow our new community in Georgia with Brand of a Champion. I’m Aaron Ross and I met Durrell when I was just a sophomore in high school. Because of our similar backgrounds we instantly clicked. well 3 years later I made  to the university of Texas and 4 years after that I made it to the NFL. Well he noticed a lot of issues we had growing up in our community my peers in the NFL were still suffering from them. Money management, community leadership, social skills and just structure outside of football as a whole. We sat down and came up with a solution to all the issues athletes face off the field and put it into a program for youth, & in comes Brand of a Champion. Once my wife caught wind of it our team was forming very nicely. 2019 will be the first year we implement the full program and we want you to come enjoy experience with us.  We are a program for the people. Our saying is Support those who Support You, and Community Counts. We cant wait to see you on and off the field.   


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Hi were the Steen’s and I’m Durrell Steen. I’ve directed youth football camps for over 10 years. Through that process I saw myself seeing the kids once a year and yearning for more after every event. So 4 years ago I started a program called Brand of a Champion. Brand of a Champion is a nonprofit that caters to youth athletes. We provide academic preparation, skill development and financial literacy to athletes and there families. Our goal is to build up the community that the athlete comes from so that the chance of success is sustained and not temporary. Aaron Ross & I both come from communities where the focus and or the support wasn’t structured for a successful ending. Through our lessons as youth we’ve build something we can truly be proud of.