Each year the season happens and we have had a program that has shown massive success to each of the quarterbacks who have used the Skill Sharpening Program. QBT has rapidly become the premiere Quarterback training company and the Skill Sharpening program is our most vital program to ensure that the work that was put in during the off-season comes to light on gameday’s.

The Skills Sharpening program is of the utmost importance to our athletes and we strongly encourage them to attend. Here’s why: During football season, athletes focus on the team component of the game losing the fundamentals that they have built in the offseason. We combat this weakness with Skills Sharpening, which focuses on footwork, fundamentals, in-game mindset, throwing mechanics and has an intensive recovery component. Skills Sharpening is a staple of our training programs and has afforded several of our quarterbacks the opportunity to play college football.

Velocity was founded with one goal in mind, to provide a 360º Training Experience for Offensive Line and Defensive Line Athletes in the state of Georgia and the Atlanta Area. We created an environment where Offensive Line Athletes can develop the necessary skill acquisition to excel on the football field.  These movements are reinforced through a strong foundation in Strength Training and Explosive movements.  We believe in analyzing and teaching proper body mechanics putting our athletes in a bio-mechanical advantage to be effective, efficient and safe.

Ross Elite Training provides DB’s of all ages (Youth-Professional) with a high level of individualized instruction to give them an edge over the competition. The DB position is one of the most important positions on the field. With that in mind, our training is focused on developing every aspect of their game. Ross Elite Training is a cutting edge program, which integrates solid bio-mechanical principals with practical “game ready” techniques.

Ross Elite Performance Training offers a variety of programs for the serious client. Please reach out to us, and receive approval, before signing up for a specific program.